The Peach Boy

Each birth came too early, the samurai’s daughter producing a peach pit with the face of a crying boy or girl.


It’s unsettling to meet people who don’t eat apples.

Wolf Lessons

There are wolf objects scattered throughout my house: a canis lupus Beanie Baby named Howl, a carved wooden ornament, a snowglobe with a wolf pup suspended in sparkle-studded liquid. A National Wolf Awareness poster, featuring statistics on subspecies of North American wolves, is on my bedroom wall; it’s taped underneath a photograph of a tawny … Continued


Suddenly is canon in folklore the way it’s canon in truth: the world changes.

Brother and Sister

My poor brother: he was born a rat, a snake, a wolf, a roach.

'It is a half-truth, one that includes what is as often as it includes what could be'

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