“Short Cuts” and other poems

I didn’t know that girl was in my belly until the heartburn set in, acid foaming into my esophagus and escaping in a huff of steam wafting silver moonward.

Auto/biography, or so I was tolde

Mye foote   she pickes mye foote up by the heele dragges hir fingre padde along myn arche & seith unto me thow hath a noblewoman’s foote (tho I was but a chylde) see how hit curveth so highe thou wylt never be poore thou wylt never stay hiere & by thise frekkle hiere thou … Continued

The Eye of the Cyclone

A poplar tree shakes its wet hair
in front of a mental hospital in Ch’ŏngyangni
Maybe the night wind is blowing—

The Field

nothing moves
let white rush in
the eyes,
in the display

'It is a half-truth, one that includes what is as often as it includes what could be'

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