He made his choice. He still speaks, still lives.


He rarely spoke, and never revealed his identity or the reason for his endless trek.

To Take a Woman’s Voice

Because she cannot speak, the prince views her as a favorite pet

Is This the Real Life?

It’s a clear case of alternative facts over objective reality

What Doesn’t Kill You…

“Comprachicos” … alter the physical appearance of children as one would tend a bonsai tree

Merpeople & the Danger of Men

She becomes endangered when an obsessed scientist starts tracking her, determined to prove that mermaids exist.

A Serpent in Human Shape

The principal villains for the first eight seasons are the Goa’uld, parasitic alien snakes

Fairy-Tale Files: How Loneliness Hurts

Is loneliness worth it, then, if it sometimes leads to great works of art?”

Fairy-Tale Files: The Secret to Old Age is… Necromancy?

This tale about everybody having to die doesn’t set too well with me.

'It is a half-truth, one that includes what is as often as it includes what could be'

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