“Short Cuts” and other poems

I didn’t know that girl was in my belly until the heartburn set in, acid foaming into my esophagus and escaping in a huff of steam wafting silver moonward.

The Peach Boy

Each birth came too early, the samurai’s daughter producing a peach pit with the face of a crying boy or girl.

Auto/biography, or so I was tolde

Mye foote   she pickes mye foote up by the heele dragges hir fingre padde along myn arche & seith unto me thow hath a noblewoman’s foote (tho I was but a chylde) see how hit curveth so highe thou wylt never be poore thou wylt never stay hiere & by thise frekkle hiere thou … Continued

'It is a half-truth, one that includes what is as often as it includes what could be'

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The Eye of the Cyclone

A poplar tree shakes its wet hair
in front of a mental hospital in Ch’ŏngyangni
Maybe the night wind is blowing—


It’s unsettling to meet people who don’t eat apples.


He made his choice. He still speaks, still lives.


He rarely spoke, and never revealed his identity or the reason for his endless trek.

To Take a Woman’s Voice

Because she cannot speak, the prince views her as a favorite pet

Wolf Lessons

There are wolf objects scattered throughout my house: a canis lupus Beanie Baby named Howl, a carved wooden ornament, a snowglobe with a wolf pup suspended in sparkle-studded liquid. A National Wolf Awareness poster, featuring statistics on subspecies of North American wolves, is on my bedroom wall; it’s taped underneath a photograph of a tawny … Continued