Suddenly is canon in folklore the way it’s canon in truth: the world changes.

Call for Submissions: The Charcoal Issue

We have decided to dedicate The Charcoal Issue to fairy tales as forms of resistance and protest.

Fairy-Tale Files: The Practicality of a Gargoyle

The phrase “Gothic church umbrella” doesn’t convey grotesquery, yet this was the gargoyle’s original purpose, their spouted heads diverting rainwater from building walls. We have France’s St. Romanus to thank for the legend itself, as he drove the horrific Gargouille out of his homeland. Accounts of Romanus’s methods fall between the solo (aided only by a … Continued

'It is a half-truth, one that includes what is as often as it includes what could be'

The Translucent Issue is coming.

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Fairy-Tale Files: The Flies

Unlikely to star in a fairy tale anytime soon, flies nonetheless play a role in the Grimm Brothers’ “The Brave Little Tailor.” A breakfast annoyance, seven flies are felled by the meek clothier with a single swat, his personalized belt which reads “seven in one blow” leading to a series of adventures in the garment-maker’s … Continued

Fairy-Tale Files: The Storytime Reptilian

No tour of fictional turtles is complete without mention of the Chinese Bixi

The Field

nothing moves
let white rush in
the eyes,
in the display

Special Report: The Enchanted Quill

Scruple convinces Gargamel to locate the quill, which is protected by fire-breathing griffins in Castle Quill

Our 2016 Pushcart Nominations

We’re thrilled to announce our Pushcart Prize nominations, all from The Ochre Issue. Poetry: Christopher Citro, “We’re Actually Fabulous” Laura Grothaus, “Pinocchio Revisited” Rebecca Perea-Kane, “The Kunstkamera, St. Petersburg” Prose: Courtney Bird, “The Diamond Girl” Muriel Leung, “How to Fall in Love in a Time of Unnameable Disaster” Rachel Richardson, “The Bear’s Wife” We wish … Continued

Fairy-Tale Files: Do Bears Belong in Houses?

Sometimes, house-dwelling bears and house-dwelling humans can actually seem to get along.