The White Issue, our fourth, was published in 2008.

Ivy Alvarez
Auto/biography, or so I was tolde

Philip Beidler
America’s Fairy Tale

Margo Berdeshevsky

Ann Fisher-Wirth
Variations on the Robber Bridegroom

Tony Friedhoff
Three Poems

Arielle Greenberg
Four Poems

Evan Harris
The Future of Despair • 46

MC Hyland
“Bird, how beautifully you sing!”

Lesley Jenike
Three Enter the Dark Wood

Kamila Lis
Two Poems

Ashley McWaters
Seven Poems

Barbara Jane Reyes
The Duyong Series 

Timothy Schaffert
The Young Widow of Barcelona

Kurt Schwitters
trans. Jack Zipes
The Swineherd and the Great, Illustrious Writer

Kellie Wells
Rabbit Catcher of Kingdom Come

Dara Wier
The Wizard

Imants Ziedonis
trans. Bitite Vinklers
Two Tales