The Violet Issue, our third, was published in 2007.

Snow White: The Huntsman’s Story
Kim Addonizio

The Tower
Don Mee Choi

A Woman with a Gardener
Lucy Corin

The Sailor Who Drowned in the Desert
Tracy Daugherty

Irlanda: Chapter One
Espido Freire
Translated by Toshiya Kamei

Three Poems
Sarah Hannah

Excerpt from Changling: A Novella
Lily Hoang

Cin City
Anna Maria Hong

The Eye of the Cyclone
Kim Hyesoon
Translated by Don Mee Choi

Two Poems
Jeffrey Levine

Four Poems
Lisa Olstein

Abandoned House
David Petruzelli

The Minder
Natania Rosenfeld

Small Animal
Aurelie Sheehan

Fryderyk Zajac
Richard Siken

Kieran Suckling

Three Poems
Lee Upton

Julie Marie Wade