Suddenly is canon in folklore the way it’s canon in truth: the world changes.


The Field

nothing moves
let white rush in
the eyes,
in the display

Fairy-Tale Files

A Serpent in Human Shape

The principal villains for the first eight seasons are the Goa’uld, parasitic alien snakes

Fairy-Tale Files: How Loneliness Hurts

Is loneliness worth it, then, if it sometimes leads to great works of art?”

Fairy-Tale Files: The Secret to Old Age is… Necromancy?

This tale about everybody having to die doesn’t set too well with me.

Fairy-Tale Files: Cryptographer’s Delight

King of the uncharactered, the Voynich manuscript takes cipher sleuthing to velum-unraveling heights. Antiquarian Wilfred Voynich purchased it from the Collegio Romano in 1912, his widow setting in motion a chain of bequeathments prior to its Yale arrival 57 years later. Illustrations provide the codex’s only potential clues—herbology, astronomy, cosmology, or pharmaceutical practices stemming from … Continued

Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles No. 52: Joel Hans

Magic mirrors have nothing on smartphones, after all.

Pins & Needles No. 51: Jon Riccio

We’re always open to poems that excel in the chemistry of meaning and language, those that push past straight-up retellings

Pins & Needles No. 50: Caleb Washburn

The movement always reminded me more of ballet; a gorgeous balance between synchronicity and chaos.

Pins & Needles No. 49: Kellie Wells

I exit the bed each morning with the fond, if futile, hope that perhaps today…