Wolf Lessons

There are wolf objects scattered throughout my house: a canis lupus Beanie Baby named Howl, a carved wooden ornament, a snowglobe with a wolf pup suspended in sparkle-studded liquid. A National Wolf Awareness poster, featuring statistics on subspecies of North American wolves, is on my bedroom wall; it’s taped underneath a photograph of a tawny … Continued


The Field

nothing moves
let white rush in
the eyes,
in the display

Fairy-Tale Files


He rarely spoke, and never revealed his identity or the reason for his endless trek.

To Take a Woman’s Voice

Because she cannot speak, the prince views her as a favorite pet

Is This the Real Life?

It’s a clear case of alternative facts over objective reality

What Doesn’t Kill You…

“Comprachicos” … alter the physical appearance of children as one would tend a bonsai tree

Pins & Needles

Pins & Needles No. 52: Joel Hans

Magic mirrors have nothing on smartphones, after all.

Pins & Needles No. 51: Jon Riccio

We’re always open to poems that excel in the chemistry of meaning and language, those that push past straight-up retellings

Pins & Needles No. 50: Caleb Washburn

The movement always reminded me more of ballet; a gorgeous balance between synchronicity and chaos.

Pins & Needles No. 49: Kellie Wells

I exit the bed each morning with the fond, if futile, hope that perhaps today…