The Emerald Issue, our tenth, was published in 2014.

Co-edited by Kate Bernheimer and Timothy Schaffert—alongside the editorial staff of University of Arizona MFA students in new fully funded positions—the issue contains stories, essays, poems, and artwork inspired by fairy tales, the theme of “emerald,” and the Oz series by L. Frank Baum. These magical and throttling new works show us the imagination’s great breadth—here you’ll find tin cyborgs and dreamers, poignant monkeys, a desultory Aunt Em. And, of course, you’ll encounter Dorothy herself, again and again, twisted and turned by our visionary authors.

“What has always thrilled me about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is its horror and mystery, not only its witches and their vicious, deadly rivalries, but also in the less obvious anxieties.” ~ Timothy Schaffert, Guest Co-Editor.

Read a micro-interview with guest co-editor Timothy Schaffert.

Featuring Fiction, Prose, Poetry, and Artwork By:

Andrea Baker, Christopher Barzak, Grace Bauer, Martine Bellen, Carrie Bennett, Anat Benzvi, Jaydn DeWald, Cate Fricke, Molly Giles, Michael Hurley, Rochelle Hurt, Kim Kyung Ju, Cybele Knowles, Sarah Kortemeier, Su Yee-Lin, Lindsay Lusby, Katie Manning, Kat Meads, Matthew Mercier, Carrie Messenger, Stephanie Nash, Daniel A. Olivas, Brendan Park, Sarah Sarai, Emma Sovich, Beth Steidle, Lindsay Stern, Anca L. Szilagyi, Gabriel Thibodeau, Carolyn Turgeon, Lee Upton, Katie Wudel, Candice Wuehle, and Abigail Zimmer.