The Winners of the 2019 Flash Fairy Tale Contest


On February 26, 2019, we asked our Twitter followers to tell us the biggest and most beautiful stories they could within Twitter’s longer, and more storytelling-friendly, 280-character limit.

We were overjoyed with the response, with more than 200 entries for us to read and debate. We’re now happy to announce the winners of our second Flash Fairy Tale Contest.

Here are the three winners:

Matt Bell

Because the best place to hide a body is in a pot. Because every husband will eat anything once. Because before the father knew the child was missing he’d already ate every scrap, tossed gnawed bones beneath the table, best meal she’d ever cooked.

Nicole Rivas

The king sent me another lewd drawing to turn into truth. He and the rug mender. Though against the rules, I consulted with the rug mender. Together, we blotted out the king, drew a knife tight in the rug mender’s fist. Something to protect her in the aftermath.

Olivia Loorz

When her husband returned from the war he had ash for eyes. He said, “All the men looked like you. I couldn’t harm a single one. When they killed my brothers they looked at me and ivy fell from their mouths. I survived by forgetting every face.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a tiny tall tale—we loved reading them. You have just over 11 months to prepare for next year!