The Winners of the 2018 Flash Fairy Tale Contest


On February 26, 2018, we asked our Twitter followers to tell us the biggest and most beautiful stories they could within Twitter’s longer, and more storytelling-friendly, 280-character limit.

We were overwhelmed and overjoyed with the response, with more than 200 entries for us to read and debate. We’re now happy to announce the winners of our first Flash Fairy Tale Contest.

Here are the three winners:

Cheryl Pappas

Imagine his wonder then, finding a trail of white pills in the moonlight leading him home, as if they were supposed to greet him like that, shining like that, as if his daughter hadn’t left them to trace her way back home, as if she knew.

Kathleen Hull

A huge white rat is watching the girl in the kitchen, his eyes glinting like silverware. He longs to set a table of his own. Boiled lobster, Bloody Marys, suds in the sink, he thinks. Later, behind the radiator, he stirs up dust with his claws.

Katie Farris

A child once ate a bright berry that burned and heaved in her belly. The midwife gave her syrup of ipecac, fearing poison or Godplay; the child coughed till a coal came up. Ashing, it grew till she dropped it; swelled houses-high; became a sun.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a tiny tall tale—we loved reading them. You have just over 11 months to prepare for next year!