Fairy-Tale Files: True Love’s Kiss

Fairy-Tale Files, published once weekly, feature three variations of a fairy tale chosen by one of Fairy Tale Review’s editors, readers, editorial assistants, or contributors.

Or, Life, Death and the Amphibians in Between


Disney’s The Princess and the Frog

Prince Naveen is convinced that Tiana’s kiss will reverse the spell placed on him by voodoo practitioner Doctor Facilier, though her kiss is ineffective, as she’s a waitress. Alas, Frogs: 2; True Love: 0. Fortunately there’s a lid for every pot, so a wedding date is set, a good thing since marriage makes Tiana royalty whose kiss changes them back. Based on The Frog Princess by E.D. Baker—author and, according to her website, fairy-tale matchmaker.


Pretty in Not-So Pink

A young-adult novel by a former equestrian artist (how awesome a job is that), The Raven Boys’ protagonist Blue Sargent is constantly being told by psychic family members that her true love will die if she kisses him. Kind of puts a damper on that growing attraction to Gansey, one of an exclusive clique known as The Raven Boys. A movie Molly Ringwald would’ve made in an alternate universe, if ever there was one.

Pushing Daisies

From Frog to Dog

The main character in ABC’s Pushing Daisies was a pie maker named Ned, played by Lee Pace—future elven king from The Hobbit films. Through a simple touch, Ned has the power to bring dead people and objects back to life. A second touch, however, sends them back to death. Ned restores his childhood sweetheart, Chuck, though their love life is complicated, to say the least. Far easier is his relationship with Digby the Dog who receives belly rubs via wooden hand.

This edition of Fairy-Tale Files is brought to you by Fairy Tale Review intern Cindy Kilbourne and poetry editor Jon Riccio.